With a vast experience in this area, HB provides legal assistance in copyright protection for artists, authors and holders of rights, either individuals or corporate persons. In order to assure the rights of our Clients, HB intervenes in the negotiation and drawing-up of relevant agreements for the exploration and protection of rights over intellectual creations such as artistic, scientific or literary works, software, databases and interpretations or artistic productions, promoting the intellectual property registrations with the relevant entities.

HB assists you with every legal aspect related with information technologies, social media, Internet and licensing procedures with the relevant entities.

With regard to data protection, HB advises on authorization requests and notifications to the Data Protection National Committee (CNPD), namely, in respect of databases and video-surveillance systems as well as resulting administrative penalties.

Concerning industrial property HB will assist you trough the registration of brands, logos, designs or industrial models, patents and utility models. HB is eligible to apply for registration with every institute and organization of which Turkey is a member as well as directly in several countries directly through solid local partnerships.

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